About Us

We got together one snowy January evening and thought, "Man. We should open a store!" Sadly, the story isn't much more exciting than that.

North Haven Mercantile is a locally sourced gift shop that celebrates talent in Maine island communities. 

About Carrie
Carrie Brezzo is a cat lady and she's Italian. She recently relaunched her longtime brand and now runs Able Jane Clothing. When she's not sewing at her machine, she's building houses and hanging out with Penuche. Follow her at @ablejaneclothing on Instagram.

About Laura
Laura Serino is a cat lady and she's Italian. (We sensing a theme here?) She works as a content writer, runs Island Apothecary and is also raising a real cute kid named Austin. She has a lobster boat named after her but you'll have to guess which one. Follow her at @islapothecary on Instagram.